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Vanessa Pearson

Designing her services on a foundation of integrity and trust, Vanessa Pearson is a renowned Administrative and Revenue Management professional who aims to help business leaders achieve new levels of scalable growth. As the founder and owner of GreenThumb Revenue™, Vanessa features an extensive background involving the intricacies of business consultation, revenue cycle management/analysis, and streamlining reconciliation, contracting, and credentialing processes and enjoys every moment of leveraging to help organizations spearhead their bottom-line objectives.​Growing up with humble beginnings, Vanessa discovered early in life that the innate value of having resilience and a strong work ethic can create the life you have always envisioned. This has stemmed, in part, from her natural-born entrepreneurial mindset, as well as the many first-hand hardships she had to conquer throughout life. From being a teen mom, forced to do many things while in school, to the enduring the current challenges of being a military spouse, it all became the catalyst for Vanessa to quickly recognize that even when dealt a poor hand of cards, you can still end up winning the game.​Fast forward to today, Vanessa not only unearthed her strong analytical skillsets and passion for revenue management, but ultimately chose to utilize that adroitness to establish GreenThumb Revenue™. Since then, Vanessa has built an incredible inventory of business-expanding accomplishments. Though her unique journey illuminates that going from rags to riches is more than possible when you follow your heart, what fuels her the most is being able to instill positive (and profitable) change across the granular and societal scales.​As a professional driven by passion, nothing makes Vanessa happier than translating business priorities into tangible, profitable realities and doing so all while ensuring everyone across the pipeline has positive constructive experiences along the way. Her genuine love for her career is demonstrated by not only her strategic approaches but also her invulnerable forecasting solutions that create a roadmap towards advanced organizational futures. This, in conjunction with her intense appreciation for the field and reputation for exceeding expectations, is what shaped Vanessa into the respected revenue cycle management expert she is today – one who continuously strives to raise the standard for her clients, their customers, and the industry as a whole.