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About the Founder 

Designing her services on a foundation of integrity and trust, Vanessa Pearson is a renowned Administrative and Revenue Management professional who aims to help business leaders achieve new levels of scalable growth. As the founder and owner of GreenThumb Revenue, Vanessa features an extensive background involving the intricacies of business consultation, revenue cycle management/analysis, streamlining reconciliation, contracting and credentialing processes while enjoying every moment of leveraging organizations spearhead their bottom-line objectives.

GreenThumb Revenue™ provides support for the entire practice. We supply healthcare billing services providers with an added expertise in revenue cycle management to complete the revenue cycle for a successful practice. Get support from front desk management to Back end Accounts reconciliation.

-holistic Support


Optimize every phase of the revenue cycle.

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Draw in patients across the consideration continuum

Establish professionalism with every encounter as you gain trust with your patients. Find the innovative solutions and support from GreenThumb Revenue

Clear patients financially for faster collection

Establish a total arrangement of front-end revenue cycle solution to guarantee straightforwardness, reduce patients' monetary pressure, gather prior, and speed up repayment.

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Guarantee income uprightness to amplify repayment

Our revenue cycle management supports coding exactness, clinical documentation, increment charge catch, and oversees consistence dangers to speed up repayment.

Streamline revenue cycle proficiency to further develop repayment

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Receiving a denial means more work and less payment. Improve your chances of having a successful claim the first time with our support.

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Use analytics for better decision making

Our investigation arrangements assist with diagnosing issues, reaching benchmarks, and focus on promising circumstances that further develop usefulness and monetary execution.

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Ask about our bookkeeping, invoicing, strategic planning and many other items that fall under our Business Consulting program!

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