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License and Services Agreement Credentialing Services

The following are the terms and conditions pursuant to which GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall provide Credentialing

Services (defined below) if purchased by Licensee through an Order Form:

1. License and Services Agreement Terms. Unless otherwise modified in this Agreement, the terms and conditions of the License

and Services Agreement (including all Exhibits and Attachments thereto) (the “Agreement ”) shall continue to govern the rights

and obligations between the Licensee and GreenThumb Revenue, LLC. Any terms of the Agreement which are not in conflict

with provisions of this Agreement shall act to supplement the terms of this Agreement for the provision of the Credentialing

Services contemplated herein.

2. Credentialing Services

a. GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall provide the following Credentialing Services (“Credentialing Services”):

i. submit and verify receipt of the credentialing application to designated health plans;

ii. follow up on the application with designated health plans; and

iii. document receipt of requested information by designated health plan,

iv. conduct follow-up activities, document acceptance or rejection information from the plan.

b. Credentialing Services include submission of additional information requested by designated health plans during the

credentialing and enrollment process; however, this does not include submission of different health plan applications for

same provider or new applications for other providers.

c. GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall be under no obligation to perform any additional services.

3. Licensee’s Responsibilities.

a. Licensee shall assist GreenThumb Revenue, LLC in completing a credentialing profile for each Provider, and the

business entity, if applicable, to whom Credentialing Services are provided. A credentialing profile may be initiated

by submitting a signed copy of a standard credentialing implementation form, or provide login information to a

complete CAQH profile for downloading credentialing data.

b. Licensee shall submit all required documents and required information (“Credentialing Information”) necessary to

complete the credentialing application(s).

c. Licensee agrees to provide any information or assistance required by GreenThumb Revenue, LLC to fulfill its obligations

under this Agreement in a timely manner. Such assistance shall include, but not be limited to, requests for additional

information, supporting documents, document signatures.

d. Licensee agrees to provide all Credentialing Information without delay. Licensee understands and acknowledges that

delays in providing the Credentialing Information may result in delay in the completion of or rejection of credentialing

of the concerned Provider.

e. Licensee warrants that the Credentialing Information provided is accurate and complete. Licensee agrees to disclose all

adverse actions from state licensing boards, health plans, healthcare facilities, government health programs,

professional organization, medical specialty board, or any other healthcare organization related to his or her professional

practice from the time of graduating medical school; as well as any criminal convictions related to professional

practice, along with any additional information which may be essential to GreenThumb Revenue, LLC providing

Credentialing Services.

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4. Payment Terms

a. The fee to initiate, process and submit the Credentialing Information will be $125 per Application for

the initial request. The Fee will include the submission to of all the Clients requested Insurance Plan. Fee is

due before any services are rendered.

b. If at a later date (90 days past the signature of this Agreement ) Client would like to credential

another Insurance company, there will be a $50 service charge.

5. In the event that the Licensee fails to deliver any of the Credentialing Information within the requested

period, GreenThumb Revenue, LLC will charge an additional fee ($50) for requesting, obtaining and

submitting the credentialing applications.

6. The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that there are no refunds or returns for the Services, including

applications that are denied participation by a health plan. If there is a dispute about the Services, the

Licensee may contact GreenThumb Revenue, LLC and GreenThumb Revenue, LLC will work to resolve the

dispute. If GreenThumb Revenue, LLC is unable to credential a provider with a particular health plan due to a

closed network, then GreenThumb Revenue, LLC will re-apply to the network once (if allowed by the plan)

with no additional costs during any subscription period or renewal period. In no case will GreenThumb Revenue,

LLC “substitute” another network application for a denied network application.

5. Term & Termination.

a. Term. This Agreement shall be effective upon the Effective Date and shall be terminated once a response

to the Credentialing Information of the Licensee is received from the concerned health plan.

b. Termination by GreenThumb Revenue, LLC. GreenThumb Revenue, LLC may immediately terminate this

Aggrement upon Licensee’s refusal to pay fees as outlined in this Agreement . Termination of services for

this reason will not excuse Licensee from the total amount due under this Agreement if services have

already been started or performed.

c. Effect of Termination. Upon expiration or termination of this Addendum: (i) GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall

be entitled to receive any unpaid fees earned through the date of termination, and in the event of early

termination the total of all payment amounts that would have been due through the end of the term; and

(ii) GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall cease performing any and all Credentialing Services hereunder.

6. No Guarantees / Warranty

a. GreenThumb Revenue, LLC makes no guarantee and does not warrant network approval of Providers,

granting of privileges by any healthcare facility, approval of any type of credentialing application,

approval of any license application, turn around / response time of health plan credentialing and

contracting, reimbursement by a third party payer network for practitioner services, or profitability of

Licensee or practitioner.

b. Licensee acknowledges that GreenThumb Revenue, LLC disclaims any liability due to any enrollment

application being rejected, delayed, not received, for any reason which is beyond the reasonable control

of GreenThumb Revenue, LLC, due to any action or inaction of the Licensee.

c. The Licensee agrees and acknowledges that credentialing is a process that may include unforeseen delays.

The Licensee agrees that it will not proceed with provision of services that require the completion of the

credentialing process without confirmation from GreenThumb Revenue, LLC that the Credentialing Services

have been completed.

7. Miscellaneous

a. Indemnification: Licensee agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless GreenThumb Revenue, LLC and

its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, subcontractors, members and

affiliates from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, settlements or judgments, including

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reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses arising from the

negligence, actions or omissions of Licensee or their employees or agents; breaches of this Agreement by

the Licensee; inaccurate, incomplete or false Credentialing Information or any relevant

information provided to GreenThumb Revenue, LLC by Licensee or its practitioners; Licensee’s failure

to provide accurate information or disclosure of all adverse actions of practitioners.

b. Authority: GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall have the authority to conduct the Credentialing Services required

by the Licensee, as set forth herein, subject only to the express limitations herein set forth. In fulfilling its duties

and obligations hereunder, GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall have all such authority, rights and powers as

are necessary, advisable or consistent herewith and the exercise of the authority conferred by this

Agreement on GreenThumb Revenue, LLC shall serve to bind Licensee and shall constitute the act of


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