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The Top 5 Inefficiencies of Prior Authorizations and How Greenthumb Revenue Can Assist

Prior Authorizations have been put in place to ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time. However, it has given payers, providers, and patients a challenging time, given the advancements in medicine, regulations and technology. The process has become a burden for all stakeholders involved. Streamlining this process, we can alleviate that burden, which will bring providers and their patients confidence in getting the right care. Greenthumb revenue can help to improve the effectiveness of the prior authorization process, and below are some of the five key inefficiencies that we face in the industry.

Non-critical services requiring prior authorization:

Patients often feel like they are on a roller coaster when it comes to their health care coverage. They may face the hassle of prior authorizations for non-critical services, making them lose valuable time in their journey to healing. We believe that non-critical services should not require prior authorizations. The patient should be allowed to get the treatment they require without the added pressure of the authorization process.

Prior authorization is confusing and complicated:

The authorization process is so confusing and complicated, making it difficult for the providers to maneuver through this journey. The providers are required to complete various forms, send supporting documents, and wait for the authorization approval. This process often results in denied claims, time delays, and an overall slowing down in patient treatments.

Prior authorization approval turnaround time results in delayed care:

Many providers are experiencing delayed care as a result of the time it takes for authorization approval. This is due to the lengthy prior authorization process that results in delayed care. The waiting period, which can be several days (Urgent: 3 business days Routine: 14 business days) to some weeks, can ultimately worsen the patients' condition. Greenthumb revenue provides timley follow up and pressure where possible.

Lack of transparency about the status of an authorization:

The lack of transparency in the prior authorization process gives room for skepticism, which in turn can harm patient trust in their provider. Providers and patients require real-time transparency in authorization approvals to ensure that the patient's treatment plans are going according to plan. Through Greenthumb revenue's automation of the prior authorization process, providers, and patients can track authorization status, ensuring real-time transparency.

Transmitting supporting documentation:

Prior authorization requires providers to transmit supporting documents, which often require the provider to send emails or fax documents. These documents may even get lost, resulting in a need to resend the documents causing a delay in care.


In summary, the prior authorization process has been a significant inefficiency for many stakeholders in healthcare. However, Greenthumb revenue provides an efficient prior authorization support that streamlines the process reducing the burden for providers and their patients. Through our notification platform, healthcare providers and patients can achieve the right care at the right time, which is key to ensuring their journey towards healing is smooth and stress-free. Greenthumb revenue offers a long-term solution, boosting overall revenue for providers while giving patients the confidence that they are getting the right care.

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